Helping You Keep More

Our main aim is to work with you to ensure that you keep more of what you earn so that you can fulfill your financial goals.

Saving You Time & Money

We will work with you to ensure that your financial management is efficient, accurate and on-time.

Free 30 Tax-Busting Tips

Book a meeting with us and receive your complimentary copy of 30 Tax-Busting Tips.

Why Choose Us

9 great reasons and our commitment to our clients which is why you should contact us before deciding on your accountant…

  1. Fixed Price Agreements. We provide fixed price agreements for all the work we do for our clients. This ensures that you know the work that will be carried out and the fee for that service we believe this will avoid all misunderstandings regarding fees.
  2. Payment By Instalments. The fixed fees quoted can be paid by monthly or quarterly instalments. We offer payments by direct debit so that you do not have a lump sum to find. We are happy to paid in a lump sum but understand it is easier with instalments – we do not charge interest on payments by instalments.
  3. Unlimited Meetings and Phone Support. If you need to bounce ideas off someone as a sounding board we will be pleased to help, if you have specific business or tax questions then please feel free to call us. If you need help and we can provide it over the phone or in a meeting at our office we will do so FREE.
  4. Continual Tax Reviews. At AM Taxation we don’t just offer a free initial review and then let matters drift, we continually look to explore avenues in the tax legislation to allow you to keep more of what you earn. We will carry out an initial review but it is important that we are here for you throughout the year to discuss changes with you.
  5. Work On Time, Every Time. As long as you provide information in a timely manner then we provide accounts and tax returns within 30 days. We are happy to agree timescales with you prior to starting the work.
  6. Monthly Tax, Tips & News. Our monthly newsletter is emailed to our clients and contains the latest tax tips and news which actually help our clients.
  7. Someone to Sort All Your Paperwork. We understand doing the paperwork can be stressful and a bit too much for some business owners. Nobody enjoys doing the paperwork at the usual last minute – therefore if you can earn more money doing the work that you do, why not get us to take of this for you. If you find the paperwork or book-keeping eating into your evenings and weekends then please contact us.
  8. An Accountant Who You’ll Understand. We won’t blind you with technical jargon. We want you to be comfortable to pick up the phone, to email us or meet with us, whenever you need and for whatever may be on your mind. You’ll get sound understandable advice. We will work in the way that suits you – in person, on the phone or online.

And Most Importantly – Reason 9

If at any time you are not completely happy with our work then please discuss it with us. If we can’t sort the problem out for you, then don’t pay for the part you’re not happy with.

That means…

  • No small print;
  • No quibbles;
  • No questions asked;
  • No exceptions;
  • No strings.

In return for you trusting us with your work, we trust you to be the judge of it. Please tell us when you are not satisfied and please don’t hesitate to recommend us to others if you are!


30 Tax-Busting Tips

Book a meeting with us and receive your complimentary copy of 30 Tax-Busting Tips. Then, if you decide to work with us and we don’t reduce your first tax bill, we will deduct £100 off your first year’s fees.