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Limited Company

There was a huge drive to incorporate businesses in 2002 when the Government introduced rules where the first £10,000 of profit was free from tax. Corporation tax rates are attractive at 20% for all companies, however with the impending changes to dividend taxation is this still the best method of trading for you? Has the position been reviewed in the last couple of years?

One of the key advantages is that trading via a limited company offers you some protection against creditors if trade declines. However since 2001 there is another option that is becoming more fashionable and that is a limited liability partnership.

If you trade as a limited company you will need the following services:

  • Accounts prepared so that they can be issued to the shareholders of the business and be sent to HM Revenue & Customs
  • Abbreviated accounts to be filed at Companies House
  • A corporation tax return and relevant computations
  • A payroll scheme
  • Company Secretarial work such as the submission of the statutory documents to Companies House as well as maintenance of the Company Registers and production of dividend vouchers
  • A self assessment tax return for each director in the business

But we can also offer:

  • See what it is that you want to achieve and discuss the options that you have
  • A review of your affairs to make the business more tax efficient
  • Consider use of the tax credits system to increase the monies available to you
  • What are your plans for retirement funding? If the business has cash you have options and we can discuss these with you
  • Is trading as a limited company the best option for you? It may have been when you started and many people just continue doing what they have always done – we can review all aspects and discuss these with you

If you are registered for VAT then we can review your book-keeping methods/systems for completing the VAT return and advise you on whether you can reduce your VAT burden or ease cash-flow in the business by reviewing the VAT schemes that are suitable for your business.

If you prefer we can complete your book-keeping and complete the VAT returns from there

We ensure that we do not use jargon when detailing work that we have done, we use simple language to ensure that you understand every aspect of what is happening.


30 Tax-Busting Tips

Book a meeting with us and receive your complimentary copy of 30 Tax-Busting Tips. Then, if you decide to work with us and we don’t reduce your first tax bill, we will deduct £100 off your first year’s fees.