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Are you already contracting? Are you thinking of contracting? Then we can help you.

You have options of how to get into contracting and these are:

  • Umbrella Companies
  • Limited Company

Umbrella companies are for those trying out contracting and are seeing if this is for them. It is not the cheapest route as you will be paying income tax, employees national insurance AND employers national on the day rate that you have been quoted.

Pros of using an Umbrella Company would be:

  • You are looking to see if contracting is for you
  • No administration as you have no need to maintain paperwork
  • You have been offered a short term contract or low value contract
  • You won’t have to put money aside for your tax bill as you are paid with tax and national insurance already deducted before you are paid.

Cons of using an Umbrella Company would be:

  • It’s expensive as you are paying employers national insurance

A limited company is the most popular route chosen by contractors and can be a tax efficient way of working. Running the company isn’t difficult and with our assistance you can enjoy the financial rewards of contracting.

First a company will need to be formed and if you are going to do this yourself please speak to use first. Setting up a company correctly is important. We can form companies for you and offer a fixed fee for this. Please contact us.

VAT registration may be required and we can discuss this with you. Generally speaking contractors find using the VAT flat rate scheme simple and more importantly you can be paid by HMRC!! You would invoice your Agency as usual with VAT at the standard rate (20% at present) and pay HMRC a fixed % which varies per business sector. For an IT contractor the rate is 13.5% (14.5% after the company has been VAT registered for a year). You invoice your Agency for a 5 day week @ £2,500 + VAT of £500 = £3,000, you then pay HMRC £405 – you have ‘a profit’ of £95 for 1 week!!

You will need to invoice your Agency at agreed intervals, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly and we can provide an invoice template for you to use.

We provide a simple excel spreadsheet which you can use to record the invoices raised and expenses incurred. It is a simple sheet and many of our contractor clients are happy with this. Alternatively if you have your own system at present we can review this to see if this can be made more efficient but we don’t force you to use of spreadsheet if you don’t want to!

Pros of a limited company:

  • Much more tax efficient than an Umbrella Company
  • More tax planning opportunities available
  • Ability to claim more expenses
  • If VAT registered there is the ability to be paid by HMRC

Cons of a limited company:

  • There is paperwork, but we can help with this. Recording your income and expenses each month shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes a month
  • Isn’t the option if you are testing contracting as short term contracts can be costly to run through a company


30 Tax-Busting Tips

Book a meeting with us and receive your complimentary copy of 30 Tax-Busting Tips. Then, if you decide to work with us and we don’t reduce your first tax bill, we will deduct £100 off your first year’s fees.